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My Mission

Cosmic Co-Parenting

The term Cosmic Co-parenting came to me one beautiful, summer morning, just a few months after losing my husband.  As I sat pondering how to continue living and raise my two children the ages of 2 and 5, God spoke to me.  In that moment, I journaled the following words that today have become a reality.  Those words read, "It has become clear to me that this journey is NO LONGER A CHOICE!  It is not just a way of coping with my loss, it is not a haphazard conversation with friends in need, it is not an intrapersonal journal entry...It is a mission, commissioned by the Almighty Above that must be shared with purpose, intent, love, and most importantly selflessness and compassion."  I extend my hand to you to join me on this journey of grief.

Life Coaching

Are you a bit stuck?  Do you need a way to begin to push forward and potentially pivot?  Would you benefit from a life coach that may help you navigate this incredibly tough time?  If this connects with you, feel free to reach out to me and set up a consultation to decide if a life coach is what you may benefit from!  I truly look forward to building your foundation one brick at a time with ample amounts of concrete to strengthen the beauty within!

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Parenting As A Widow

Are you navigating unchartered territory in the blink of an eye without your partner with children?  Vent, connect, feel the love, and generate ideas to strengthen your foundation in this section.  Remember, grief is love finding its new home.  Find that home and patch the foundation.

Parenting As A Widow

Beginning A New Chapter Or Are You Writing A New Book?


Developmental Stages of Grief Your Kids May Be Experiencing

Finding Your Foundation

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